Short Term Insurance

Why Choose Opulentia?

We see Short-term insurance as part of your Risk-Management strategy.

This is done by doing the following:

  • Review claims history in the context of covers arranged to identify specific trends which could affect portfolio make up for the forthcoming years.
  • Review of current and future business activities (other territories, acquisitions, premises).
  • Review of sums insured, existing covers and those critical uninsured covers which need consideration.
  • Provide alternative terms for consideration.

We have access to a multitude of Insurers and Underwriting Agencies & recommend the use of Insurers that are financially stable and with whom good working relationships have been developed over many years.

Individual rating
We provide you with competitively low premiums based on your individual profile.
Industry-leading service
We strive to deliver excellent service in all our interactions with you, our employees and our intermediaries.
Effective use of technology
We manage our business in a more cost effective manner.
Expert advice
Our intermediary-driven model means that we provide additional value by offering you expert advice.