Medical Aid

Why Choose Opulentia?

Medical aid covers hospitalisation and medical costs if you get sick. This protects you against unexpected expenses when you need medical care.


  • Hospital plans: You are covered for in-hospital care and some chronic conditions, but are not covered for any out-of-hospital costs (such as doctor, optometrist and dentist visits).
  • Savings plans: These combine a hospital plan with an annual rand amount, which you pay to build up medical aid savings. Your savings can fund out-of-hospital costs. If you don't use your savings, they carry over to the next year.
  • Network plans: You pay a lower premium but have to consult medical practitioners from an approved list. Day-to-day benefits such as doctor visits and prescribed medication is generally unlimited, but basic.
  • Limited Comprehensive plans: You get comprehensive medical aid cover, but your cover is limited to a specified amount.
  • Fully Comprehensive plans: You get extensive cover for hospitalisation and day-to-day benefits.
  • Traditional plans: You are covered for in-hospital care, defined chronic conditions and day-to-day benefits. The scheme sets rand amounts for the various day-to-day benefits available for the year, which fall away at the end of the year if not used.


We are contracted with most of the open medical schemes, which enables you to select a medical scheme option to match your needs.

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