Life Insurance

Why Choose Opulentia?

When it comes to valuable assets we often think of a house, a car, jewellery or even antiques. The truth of it is your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income.

This income enables you to live, or work at attaining, a certain lifestyle. It also helps provide your family with what they need. The purpose of insurance is to ensure that you or your family are taken care of / provided for should anything happen to you. Opulentia’s Risk Cover solutions include life insurance, disability and severe illness cover.

Individual rating
We provide you with competitively low premiums based on your individual profile.
Industry-leading service
We strive to deliver excellent service in all our interactions with you, our employees and our intermediaries.
Effective use of technology
We manage our business in a more cost effective manner.
Expert advice
Our intermediary-driven model means that we provide additional value by offering you expert advice.